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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
defconfig for Phytec Cosmic-AM335x Board 2014-01-28 Praveen kumar Vattipalli New
[v4] postgresql: new package 2014-04-04 Peter Seiderer New
[v3] gstreamer1-imx: new package 2014-03-08 Peter Seiderer New
[RFC/PATCH,1/1] gst-fsl-plugins: fix compile for sysroot based on newer linux kernel headers 2014-02-25 Peter Seiderer New
[v2] gstreamer1-imx: new package 2014-02-25 Peter Seiderer New
perf: Fix compilation without libelf for post-3.10 kernels 2014-04-05 Peter Meerwald New
[2/2] libdrm: Remove dependency towards X11 2013-12-20 Paul Cercueil New
[4/5] util-linux: Add config switches for some more binaries 2014-04-08 Paul Cercueil New
[3/5] libao: Remove OSS plugin when ALSA is enabled 2014-04-08 Paul Cercueil New
[03/11] gdb: Patch for "unrecognized real-time signal" bug 2014-04-03 Paul Cercueil New
[1/2] xlib_libpthread-stubs: Rename package to libpthread-stubs 2013-12-20 Paul Cercueil New
[05/11] dialog: Patch incorrect use of toupper() 2014-04-03 Paul Cercueil New
udev: Set the default action to "add" in the startup script 2013-12-17 Paul Cercueil New
[1/5] python-pygame: Remove wildcards in macros 2014-04-08 Paul Cercueil New
[02/29] ARC: [eznps] support OVERRIDE_SRCDIR feature for uclibc 2013-12-22 Noam Camus New
external toolchain: [ARC] gcc cpu parameter 2014-02-23 Noam Camus New
FW: [PATCH] external toolchain: use relative path to external toolchain. 2014-02-23 Noam Camus New
[2/2] perf: Don't build backtrace for ARC 2014-01-28 Mischa Jonker New
[1/2] perf: Add support for Linux 3.13 2014-01-28 Mischa Jonker New
Rebuild busybox when an external config is updated 2014-04-02 Michal Sojka New
[v2,2/2] classpath: Use generic check for host program 2014-02-23 Maxime Hadjinlian New
[v2,1/2] infra: Add generic check_prog_host function 2014-02-23 Maxime Hadjinlian New
[v3] infra: Add PRE_*_HOOKS for every step 2014-03-28 Maxime Hadjinlian New
php: fix wrong -L and -I paths added by iconv tests 2014-04-12 Max Filippov New
[1/1] chdkptp CLI added 2013-12-23 Matthew Urry New
[1/1] xerces: add host 2013-11-21 Matt Weber New
[1/1] package: make package download from Mercurial repositories more robust 2014-03-05 Mathias De Maré New
[1/1] iso9660: Added support for overlay directories 2014-02-04 Martin Bark New
[RFC,2/2] barebox: Add possibility to build also barebox xloader (MLO). 2012-12-22 Marek Belisko pdp New
[1/1] beaglebone: better support for starting and creating images 2014-03-14 Marcin Jabrzyk New
[v5] bluez5_utils: new package 2014-03-31 Marcin Bis New
[1/4] mysql: fix missing directory 2014-03-04 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[2/4] mysql: add mysql user 2014-03-04 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[4/4] mysql: host-mysql depends on host-zlib 2014-03-04 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[1/1] mysql: fix build failure on MIPS 2014-03-30 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[1/1] ffmpeg: pass BR2_GCC_TARGET_CPU option on ARM 2014-02-21 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[3/4] mysql: add mysql init script 2014-03-04 Marcelo Gutiérrez(UTN/FRH) New
[RFC] BR2_KERNEL_HEADERS_TARGET: Add support for using target kernel for toolchain kernel headers. 2013-04-17 Magnus Edenhill pdp New
Added support for linux headers for testing versions to build cross-compile tools 2014-02-25 Lucas Zampar Bernardi New
[1/3] wiringpi: new package 2014-01-10 Lucas De Marchi New
[3/3] pi4j: new package 2014-01-10 Lucas De Marchi New
[1/1] uboot: build custom target if custom target selected 2014-02-17 Laurent Cans New
[v2,1/1] openvmtools: new package 2014-04-11 Karoly Kasza New
[2/2] Add supporit for Vivante xdriver 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
[1/2] qt5declarative: Reduce dependencies to GLes2 only 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
New attempt to move $BUILD_DIR/.root 2014-04-01 Jérôme Pouiller New
[v3,1/1] manual/configure.txt: fix typo 2014-04-03 Jerzy Grzegorek New
[1/1] package: unification of use $(subst [._-], [._-], $(<PKG>_VERSION)) macro 2013-12-27 Jerzy Grzegorek New
[v2,1/1] package: remove the trailing slash sign from $(PKG)_SITE variable 2013-09-20 Jerzy Grzegorek pdp New
[10/10,v2] Add powerpc petitboot defconfig 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[01/10,v2] package/busybox: Add facility for DHCP hooks 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[03/10,v2] package/ncurses: Remove duplicated library install code 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[06/10,v2] package/powerpc-utils: Add powerpc hardware utilities 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[08/10,v2] package/petitboot: Add petitboot, the userspace bootloader 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[02/10,v2] package/dropbear: Add separate configuration option for dropbear server 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[07/10,v2] package/kexec-lite: Add a package for the kexec-lite tools 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[04/10,v2] package/ncurses: Allow building wide char support 2014-03-12 Jeremy Kerr New
[1/2] uclibc: add patch to fix arch specific eventfd defs 2013-12-09 James Hogan New
[2/2] uclibc: add patches to fix MIPS __SIGRTMAX and SIG127 2013-12-09 James Hogan New
[1/1] python: fix readline extension compilation with readline 6.3 2014-04-16 Ivan Sergeev New
[1/1] systemd: add network unit file 2014-01-28 Ivan Sergeev New
[2/2] package: add paragui package 2014-01-10 H Hartley Sweeten New
nmap: make ndiff conditional on python2 2014-04-17 Gustavo Zacarias New
[2/2] configs/qemu: update for host-qemu-system goodness 2013-12-04 Gustavo Zacarias New
[1/2] qemu-system: new host package 2013-12-04 Gustavo Zacarias New
Raspberry Pi SD-Card flasher script 2013-07-10 Guillermo A. Amaral tpetazzoni New
qemu: add to host utilities menu 2013-12-09 Frank Hunleth New
[v2] qemu: add host/target Linux version check 2014-02-11 Frank Hunleth New
am335x-pru-package: new package 2014-02-13 Frank Hunleth New
syslinux: install helper programs to the host 2014-03-16 Frank Hunleth New
[1/1] crda: fix build failure for nios2 2014-02-16 Frank Bergmann New
[lua,V3,4/8] luajit: add host variant 2014-03-01 Francois Perrad New
[lua,V3,6/8] luarocks: allow to work with host-luainterpreter 2014-03-01 Francois Perrad New
[lua,V3,5/8] luainterpreter: add host variant 2014-03-01 Francois Perrad New
[lua,V3,8/8] lua-iconv: new package 2014-03-01 Francois Perrad New
[v4,3/4] Makefile: let show-targets prints also the dependencies 2014-04-07 Fabio Porcedda New
[2/2] Makefile: target-generatelocales: add toolchain dependency 2014-04-18 Fabio Porcedda New
[1/2] Makefile: toolchain-eclipse-register: add toolchain dependency 2014-04-18 Fabio Porcedda New
[v4,1/4] Makefile: fix coding style 2014-04-07 Fabio Porcedda New
[1/1] add support for congatec conga-qmx6 2013-11-06 Fabien Lahoudere (ECASINTERS) New
[1/1] system: add ability to pass additional users tables. 2014-03-27 Eric Le Bihan New
[v2,1/1] u-boot: allow to pass a custom configuration file 2013-09-20 Eric Jarrige New
grub2: add configuration options for grub config files 2014-04-04 Dima Zavin New
[1/1] qhull: new package 2014-04-17 Davide Viti New
[1/3] ccache: change compilercheck to use compiler and toolchain info 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
[2/3] ccache: change default cache directory path to match config setting 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
[v2,1/1] gst-ffmpeg: add option for LGPL build 2014-01-19 Danomi Manchego New
[3/3] ccache: provide capability to do initial ccache setup 2013-10-31 Danomi Manchego New
e2tools: new package 2013-11-28 Daniel Nyström New
[1/1] Qt4: adapt for X11 2014-01-31 Cédric Chépied New
[v5,05/20] libsemanage: new package 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
legal-info: Add site to legal info manifest 2014-04-07 Clayton Shotwell New
[RFC] core: Download all package sources 2013-11-04 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,11/20] audit: new package 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,14/20] refpolicy: new package 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,17/20] busybox: add option to enable SELinux support 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,09/20] setools: new package 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,15/20] shadow: new package 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,19/20] refpolicy: Add busybox selections 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New
[v5,18/20] busybox: ensure it finds pkg-config by setting PATH 2013-12-19 Clayton Shotwell New