[doc,committed] remove leading dash from @opindex entries

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  • [doc,committed] remove leading dash from @opindex entries
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Sandra Loosemore Nov. 8, 2018, 2:49 a.m.
I noticed this buglet when working on the PR80828 fix:

The introductory paragraph to the Option Index appendix says: "GCC’s 
command line options are indexed here without any initial ‘-’ or ‘--’." 
Indeed, that was mostly true, but there were ~20 index entries that 
incorrectly included the leading dash.  Fixed thusly.



Index: gcc/doc/invoke.texi
--- gcc/doc/invoke.texi	(revision 265903)
+++ gcc/doc/invoke.texi	(working copy)
@@ -2934,7 +2934,7 @@  union U @{
 @item -Wabi-tag @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
 @opindex Wabi-tag
-@opindex -Wabi-tag
+@opindex Wabi-tag
 Warn when a type with an ABI tag is used in a context that does not
 have that ABI tag.  See @ref{C++ Attributes} for more information
 about ABI tags.
@@ -3845,7 +3845,7 @@  a left margin is printed, showing line n
 left margin.
 @item -fdiagnostics-minimum-margin-width=@var{width}
-@opindex -fdiagnostics-minimum-margin-width
+@opindex fdiagnostics-minimum-margin-width
 This option controls the minimum width of the left margin printed by
 @option{-fdiagnostics-show-line-numbers}.  It defaults to 6.
@@ -5734,8 +5734,8 @@  larger.
 This option warns on all uses of @code{alloca} in the source.
 @item -Walloca-larger-than=@var{byte-size}
-@opindex -Walloca-larger-than=
-@opindex -Wno-alloca-larger-than
+@opindex Walloca-larger-than=
+@opindex Wno-alloca-larger-than
 This option warns on calls to @code{alloca} with an integer argument whose
 value is either zero, or that is not bounded by a controlling predicate
 that limits its value to at most @var{byte-size}.  It also warns for calls
@@ -6661,8 +6661,8 @@  real to lower precision real values.  Th
 @item -Wno-scalar-storage-order
-@opindex -Wno-scalar-storage-order
-@opindex -Wscalar-storage-order
+@opindex Wno-scalar-storage-order
+@opindex Wscalar-storage-order
 Do not warn on suspicious constructs involving reverse scalar storage order.
 @item -Wsized-deallocation @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
@@ -7263,8 +7263,8 @@  Warn if a variable-length array is used
 the variable-length array.
 @item -Wvla-larger-than=@var{byte-size}
-@opindex -Wvla-larger-than=
-@opindex -Wno-vla-larger-than
+@opindex Wvla-larger-than=
+@opindex Wno-vla-larger-than
 If this option is used, the compiler will warn for declarations of
 variable-length arrays whose size is either unbounded, or bounded
 by an argument that allows the array size to exceed @var{byte-size}
@@ -8942,13 +8942,13 @@  it may significantly increase code size
 This flag is enabled by default at @option{-O3}.
 @item -fipa-bit-cp
-@opindex -fipa-bit-cp
+@opindex fipa-bit-cp
 When enabled, perform interprocedural bitwise constant
 propagation. This flag is enabled by default at @option{-O2}. It
 requires that @option{-fipa-cp} is enabled.
 @item -fipa-vrp
-@opindex -fipa-vrp
+@opindex fipa-vrp
 When enabled, perform interprocedural propagation of value
 ranges. This flag is enabled by default at @option{-O2}. It requires
 that @option{-fipa-cp} is enabled.
@@ -12559,7 +12559,7 @@  object file names should not be used as
 @item -flinker-output=@var{type}
-@opindex -flinker-output
+@opindex flinker-output
 This option controls the code generation of the link time optimizer.  By
 default the linker output is determined by the linker plugin automatically. For
 debugging the compiler and in the case of incremental linking to non-lto object
@@ -15105,8 +15105,8 @@  single precision and to 32 bits for doub
 @item -mlow-precision-sqrt
 @itemx -mno-low-precision-sqrt
-@opindex -mlow-precision-sqrt
-@opindex -mno-low-precision-sqrt
+@opindex mlow-precision-sqrt
+@opindex mno-low-precision-sqrt
 Enable or disable the square root approximation.
 This option only has an effect if @option{-ffast-math} or
 @option{-funsafe-math-optimizations} is used as well.  Enabling this reduces
@@ -15116,8 +15116,8 @@  If enabled, it implies @option{-mlow-pre
 @item -mlow-precision-div
 @itemx -mno-low-precision-div
-@opindex -mlow-precision-div
-@opindex -mno-low-precision-div
+@opindex mlow-precision-div
+@opindex mno-low-precision-div
 Enable or disable the division approximation.
 This option only has an effect if @option{-ffast-math} or
 @option{-funsafe-math-optimizations} is used as well.  Enabling this reduces
@@ -18109,11 +18109,11 @@  Specify the C-SKY target processor.  Val
 @item -mbig-endian
 @opindex mbig-endian
 @itemx -EB
-@opindex -EB
+@opindex EB
 @itemx -mlittle-endian
 @opindex mlittle-endian
 @itemx -EL
-@opindex -EL
+@opindex EL
 Select big- or little-endian code.  The default is little-endian.
@@ -27950,7 +27950,7 @@  preferred alignment to @option{-mpreferr
 @opindex mvaes
 @need 200
 @itemx -mwaitpkg
-@opindex -mwaitpkg
+@opindex mwaitpkg
 @need 200
 @itemx -mvpclmulqdq
 @opindex mvpclmulqdq
@@ -28536,7 +28536,7 @@  prevents the compiler from using floatin
 @item -mindirect-branch=@var{choice}
-@opindex -mindirect-branch
+@opindex mindirect-branch
 Convert indirect call and jump with @var{choice}.  The default is
 @samp{keep}, which keeps indirect call and jump unmodified.
 @samp{thunk} converts indirect call and jump to call and return thunk.
@@ -28556,7 +28556,7 @@  Note that @option{-mindirect-branch=thun
 to disable control-flow check.
 @item -mfunction-return=@var{choice}
-@opindex -mfunction-return
+@opindex mfunction-return
 Convert function return with @var{choice}.  The default is @samp{keep},
 which keeps function return unmodified.  @samp{thunk} converts function
 return to call and return thunk.  @samp{thunk-inline} converts function
@@ -28573,7 +28573,7 @@  not be reachable in the large code model
 @item -mindirect-branch-register
-@opindex -mindirect-branch-register
+@opindex mindirect-branch-register
 Force indirect call and jump via register.
 @end table