[GIT,PULL] RTC for 4.18

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  • [GIT,PULL] RTC for 4.18
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git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/abelloni/linux.git tags/rtc-4.18


Alexandre Belloni June 10, 2018, 10:16 p.m.
Hi Linus,

Here is the pull-request for the RTC subsystem for 4.18.

Setting the supported range from drivers for RTCs failing soon has
started. A few fixes are developed along the way.
Some drivers have been switched to SPDX by their maintainers.

The following changes since commit 60cc43fc888428bb2f18f08997432d426a243338:

  Linux 4.17-rc1 (2018-04-15 18:24:20 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/abelloni/linux.git tags/rtc-4.18

for you to fetch changes up to e4302aec8a0646828a701443e303eb5ef48b37f5:

  rtc: pxa: fix probe function (2018-06-07 20:11:08 +0200)

RTC for 4.18

 - rework of the rtc-test driver which allows to test the core more thoroughly
 - rtc_set_alarm() now fails early when alarms are not supported

 - mktime is now replaced by mktime64
 - RTC range added for 88pm80x, ab-b5ze-s3, at91rm9200, brcmstb-waketimer,
   ds1685, ftrtc010, ls1x, mxc_v2, rx8581, sprd, st-lpc, tps6586x, tps65910 and
 - Fixed a possible race condition in probe functions
 - pxa: fix the probe function that is broken since v4.3
 - stm32: now supports stm32mp1

Alexandre Belloni (49):
      rtc: nvmem: don't return an error when not enabled
      rtc: at91rm9200: add range
      rtc: 88pm80x: stop setting a default time
      rtc: 88pm80x: remove unused pm80x_rtc_info members
      rtc: 88pm80x: fix possible race condition
      rtc: 88pm80x: let the core handle the RTC range
      rtc: 88pm80x: convert to rtc_tm_to_time64/rtc_time64_to_tm
      rtc: ab-b5ze-s3: fix possible race conditions
      rtc: ab-b5ze-s3: let the core handle the RTC range
      rtc: tps65910: fix possible race condition
      rtc: tps65910: allow platform power up
      rtc: tps65910: add range
      rtc: rx8581: switch to rtc_register_device
      rtc: rx8581: add RTC range
      rtc: rx8581: let the core handle rtc range
      rtc: rx8581: remove useless indirection
      rtc: rx8581: remove useless declaration
      rtc: rx8581: error out when time invalid
      rtc: rx8581: switch to regmap
      rtc: vr41xx: fix possible race condition
      rtc: vr41xx: add range
      rtc: tps6586x: fix possible race condition
      rtc: tps6586x: let the core handle rtc range
      rtc: ls1x: switch to rtc_register_device
      rtc: ls1x: remove useless label and goto
      rtc: ls1x: add range
      rtc: mxc_v2: fix possible race condition
      rtc: mxc_v2: let the core handle rtc range
      rtc: mxc_v2: use rtc_time64_to_tm in mxc_rtc_read_alarm
      rtc: brcmstb-waketimer: switch to rtc_register_device
      rtc: brcmstb-waketimer: add range
      rtc: st-lpc: fix possible race condition
      rtc: st-lpc: add range
      rtc: test: remove obsolete .set_mmss
      rtc: ds1685: fix possible race condition
      rtc: ds1685: Add range
      rtc: test: remove useless proc info
      rtc: test: allow registering many devices
      rtc: test: store time as an offset to system time
      rtc: test: emulate alarms using timers
      rtc: test: remove irq sysfs file
      rtc: sunxi: fix possible race condition
      rtc: mrst: switch to devm functions
      rtc: ftrtc010: switch to devm_rtc_allocate_device
      rtc: ftrtc010: handle dates after 2106
      rtc: ftrtc010: let the core handle range
      rtc: test: convert to devm_rtc_allocate_device
      rtc: test: remove alarm support from the first device
      rtc: ensure rtc_set_alarm fails when alarms are not supported

Amelie Delaunay (8):
      rtc: stm32: fix copyright and adopt SPDX identifier
      rtc: stm32: fix alarm interrupt flags by removing IRQF_TRIGGER_RISING
      dt-bindings: rtc: update stm32-rtc documentation for st, syscfg property
      rtc: stm32: get DBP register and mask from DT st, syscfg property
      rtc: stm32: fix misspelling and misalignment issues
      rtc: stm32: rework register management to prepare other version of RTC
      dt-bindings: rtc: update stm32-rtc documentation for stm32mp1 rtc
      rtc: stm32: add stm32mp1 rtc support

Andrea Greco (1):
      rtc: ds1340: Add support for trickle charger.

Arnd Bergmann (3):
      rtc: vr41xx: remove mktime usage
      rtc: ls1x: remove mktime usage
      rtc: tps6586x: remove mktime usage

Baolin Wang (3):
      rtc: sprd: Change to use devm_rtc_allocate_device()
      rtc: sprd: Add RTC hardware range
      rtc: sprd: Add new RTC power down check method

Dan Carpenter (1):
      rtc: pxa: fix probe function

Enric Balletbo i Serra (2):
      rtc: cros-ec: Make license text and module license match.
      rtc: cros-ec: Switch to SPDX identifier.

Fabio Estevam (3):
      dt-bindings: rtc-2123: Make the node name generic
      rtc: snvs: Switch to SPDX identifier
      rtc: mxc: Switch to SPDX identifier

Mathieu Malaterre (1):
      rtc: jz4740: Fix a typo in Kconfig

Michael Trimarchi (1):
      rtc: sun6i: Fix bit_idx value for clk_register_gate

Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig (2):
      rtc: ds1742: don't explicitly specify word_size and stride of nvmem
      rtc: nvmem: don't use IS_ERR_OR_NULL

Wolfram Sang (1):
      rtc: simplify getting .drvdata

Zhang Rui (3):
      rtc: cmos: allow using ACPI for RTC alarm instead of HPET
      rtc: cmos: acknowledge ACPI driven wake alarms upon resume
      rtc: cmos: introduce quirks to enable use_acpi_alarm mode

 .../devicetree/bindings/rtc/nxp,rtc-2123.txt       |   2 +-
 .../devicetree/bindings/rtc/st,stm32-rtc.txt       |  37 ++-
 drivers/rtc/Kconfig                                |   2 +-
 drivers/rtc/interface.c                            |   5 +
 drivers/rtc/nvmem.c                                |   2 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-88pm80x.c                          |  58 ++--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ab-b5ze-s3.c                       |  30 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-at91rm9200.c                       |   2 +
 drivers/rtc/rtc-bq4802.c                           |   6 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-brcmstb-waketimer.c                |  20 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-cmos.c                             | 155 ++++++++--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-cros-ec.c                          |  23 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1216.c                           |   6 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1307.c                           |   2 +
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1511.c                           |   9 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1553.c                           |  15 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1685.c                           |  66 ++--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ds1742.c                           |   8 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ftrtc010.c                         |  36 ++-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-lpc32xx.c                          |  16 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-ls1x.c                             |  32 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-m48t59.c                           |  41 +--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-mrst.c                             |  45 ++-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-mv.c                               |   3 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-mxc.c                              |  34 +--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-mxc_v2.c                           |  29 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-pcap.c                             |  15 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-pxa.c                              |   2 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-rx8581.c                           | 210 ++++---------
 drivers/rtc/rtc-sc27xx.c                           |  63 ++--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-sh.c                               |  15 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-snvs.c                             |  13 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-st-lpc.c                           |  26 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-stk17ta8.c                         |  15 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-stm32.c                            | 339 +++++++++++++++------
 drivers/rtc/rtc-sun6i.c                            |   4 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-sunxi.c                            |  23 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-test.c                             | 208 ++++++-------
 drivers/rtc/rtc-tps6586x.c                         |  55 ++--
 drivers/rtc/rtc-tps65910.c                         |  26 +-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-vr41xx.c                           |  35 ++-
 drivers/rtc/rtc-zynqmp.c                           |  10 +-
 include/linux/rtc.h                                |   2 +-
 43 files changed, 904 insertions(+), 841 deletions(-)