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  • Remove declare_mgen_alias_2 [committed]
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Joseph Myers Sept. 12, 2017, 8:01 p.m.
The libm template machinery includes a macro declare_mgen_alias_2, to
define two function aliases rather than one.  This macro is only used
in one place, to define ldexp and scalbn, and only has one nondefault
definition, for double in the case where long double has the same
format.  That definition is because declare_mgen_alias for double, in
that case, defines <internal-func>l as an alias of <internal-func>, so
cannot be called twice for aliases of the same function.

Now, I suspect the <internal-func>l aliases are generally not needed
(with maybe a few exceptions such as __clog10l, which is an exported
function).  But even in the presence of them, there is no need for a
special declare_mgen_alias_2 macro for this case.  This patch
eliminates the need for such a macro by defining __wrap_scalbn<suffix>
as an alias of __ldexp<suffix>, and then using that when defining the
scalbn public aliases.  This is similar to how such internal aliases
are created for functions with multiple symbol versions, for example.

Tested for x86_64, and with  (There *are* some
cases where installed stripped shared libraries change - not in the
generated code but because such changes to static symbols on input to
ld, even nonexported symbols that don't affect the code or dynamic
symbols, can affect the particular representation in the output of
string tables, hash tables etc.)  Committed.

2017-09-12  Joseph Myers  <>

	* sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros.h [!declare_mgen_alias_2]
	(declare_mgen_alias_2): Remove.
	* sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros-double.h
	[NO_LONG_DOUBLE && !declare_mgen_alias_2] (declare_mgen_alias_2):
	* math/s_ldexp_template.c (M_SUF (__wrap_scalbn)): Define strong
	(ldexp): Define with declare_mgen_alias.
	(scalbn): Likewise.


diff --git a/math/s_ldexp_template.c b/math/s_ldexp_template.c
index 42a8333..3aa56f9 100644
--- a/math/s_ldexp_template.c
+++ b/math/s_ldexp_template.c
@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@  M_SUF (__ldexp) (FLOAT value, int exp)
 	return value;
-declare_mgen_alias_2 (__ldexp, ldexp, scalbn);
+declare_mgen_alias (__ldexp, ldexp)
+strong_alias (M_SUF (__ldexp), M_SUF (__wrap_scalbn))
+declare_mgen_alias (__wrap_scalbn, scalbn)
 /* Note, versioning issues are punted to ldbl-opt in this case.  */
diff --git a/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros-double.h b/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros-double.h
index a755699..f2c1bb8 100644
--- a/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros-double.h
+++ b/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros-double.h
@@ -37,13 +37,6 @@ 
    weak_alias (from, to ## l)
-#if defined NO_LONG_DOUBLE && !defined declare_mgen_alias_2
-# define declare_mgen_alias_2(from, to, to2) \
-   declare_mgen_alias (from, to)	     \
-   weak_alias (from, to2)		     \
-   weak_alias (from, to2 ## l)
 /* Supply the generic macros.  */
 #include <math-type-macros.h>
diff --git a/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros.h b/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros.h
index b4c2aee..5656724 100644
--- a/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros.h
+++ b/sysdeps/generic/math-type-macros.h
@@ -41,11 +41,6 @@ 
       This exposes the appropriate symbol(s) for a
       function f of type FLOAT.
-  declare_mgen_alias_2(from,to,to2)
-      This exposes the appropriate symbol(s) for a
-      function f of type FLOAT when it is aliased
-      to two symbols.
       This is utilized in macro context to indicate
       whether func should declare compat symbols.
@@ -121,13 +116,6 @@ 
 # define declare_mgen_alias(from, to) weak_alias (M_SUF (from), M_SUF (to))
-/* Likewise, if two aliases are derived from the same symbol.  */
-#ifndef declare_mgen_alias_2
-# define declare_mgen_alias_2(from, to, to2)  \
- declare_mgen_alias (from, to)		      \
- declare_mgen_alias (from, to2)
 /* Do not generate anything for compat symbols by default.  */
 # define M_LIBM_NEED_COMPAT(func) 0