[1/3] dt-bindings: apmu: Document r8a7743 support

Submitted by Biju Das on Aug. 8, 2017, 10:56 a.m.


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Biju Das Aug. 8, 2017, 10:56 a.m.
Document APMU and SMP enable method for RZ/G1M
(also known as r8a7743) SoC.

Signed-off-by: Biju Das <biju.das@bp.renesas.com>
 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/renesas,apmu.txt | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/renesas,apmu.txt b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/renesas,apmu.txt
index 84404c9..af21502 100644
--- a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/renesas,apmu.txt
+++ b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/renesas,apmu.txt
@@ -1,12 +1,13 @@ 
 DT bindings for the Renesas Advanced Power Management Unit
-Renesas R-Car line of SoCs utilize one or more APMU hardware units
+Renesas R-Car and RZ/G1 SoCs utilize one or more APMU hardware units
 for CPU core power domain control including SMP boot and CPU Hotplug.
 Required properties:
 - compatible: Should be "renesas,<soctype>-apmu", "renesas,apmu" as fallback.
 	      Examples with soctypes are:
+		- "renesas,r8a7743-apmu" (RZ/G1M)
 		- "renesas,r8a7790-apmu" (R-Car H2)
 		- "renesas,r8a7791-apmu" (R-Car M2-W)
 		- "renesas,r8a7792-apmu" (R-Car V2H)