[U-Boot] 83xx NAND boot: fix boards.cfg

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Commit 59bbb3a8ceea7557338e80302c112ce3b4859537
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Scott Wood Dec. 7, 2010, 1:12 a.m.
This patch http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/72962/ included a boards.cfg
change, but it was omitted when applied as

This fixes the NAND SPL build on MPC8315ERDB.

Signed-off-by: Scott Wood <scottwood@freescale.com>
Applied to u-boot-nand-flash

 boards.cfg |    6 +++---
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


diff --git a/boards.cfg b/boards.cfg
index 2209676..8994e41 100644
--- a/boards.cfg
+++ b/boards.cfg
@@ -402,10 +402,10 @@  vme8349                      powerpc     mpc83xx     vme8349             esd
 MPC8308RDB                   powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8308rdb          freescale
 MPC8313ERDB_33               powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_33MHZ
 MPC8313ERDB_66               powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_66MHZ
-MPC8313ERDB_NAND_33          powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_33MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00100000
-MPC8313ERDB_NAND_66          powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_66MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x00100000
+MPC8313ERDB_NAND_33          powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_33MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT
+MPC8313ERDB_NAND_66          powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8313erdb         freescale      -           MPC8313ERDB:SYS_66MHZ,NAND_U_BOOT
 MPC8315ERDB                  powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8315erdb         freescale      -           MPC8315ERDB
-MPC8315ERDB_NAND             powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8315erdb         freescale      -           MPC8315ERDB:NAND
+MPC8315ERDB_NAND             powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8315erdb         freescale      -           MPC8315ERDB:NAND_U_BOOT
 MPC8323ERDB                  powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc8323erdb         freescale
 MPC832XEMDS                  powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc832xemds         freescale      -           MPC832XEMDS:
 MPC832XEMDS_ATM              powerpc     mpc83xx     mpc832xemds         freescale      -           MPC832XEMDS:PQ_MDS_PIB=1,PQ_MDS_PIB_ATM=1