[wwwdocs,+,Fortran] Release note updates: changes.html + gfortran.texi (F2008 status)

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Tobias Burnus Sept. 30, 2010, 12:48 p.m.
Hello all, hi Gerald,

attached you find an update for the GCC 4.6 release notes on the
webserver and for the Fortran 2008 status section of gfortran.texi

I intent to commit it as obvious but I would be happy to hear
comments to about the patch (or also other items in those files).

Current version:
- http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.6/changes.html#Fortran
- http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gfortran/Fortran-2008-status.html

Note to gfortraners: I have realized that the -Wconversion/-Wconversion-extra
change was not documented in the release notes (or the Wiki).
Is anyone aware about anything else which is missing from the
release notes?

Additionally: Does anyone volunteer to update the Fortran 2003
status in the manual? It is badly outdated:



--- changes.html.orig	2010-09-30 14:27:58.119989420 +0200
+++ changes.html	2010-09-30 14:35:05.656943358 +0200
@@ -168,6 +168,13 @@ 
     modules, Fortran's <code>include</code>, and CPP's <code>#include</code>
     into account. Note: Using <code>-M</code> for the module path is no
     longer supported, use <code>-J</code> instead.</li>
+    <li>The flag <code>-Wconversion</code> has been modified to issue only
+    warnings if the conversion leads to information loss, which drastically
+    reduces the number of warnings; <code>-Wconversion</code> is thus now
+    enabled with <code>-Wall</code>. The flag <code>-Wconversion-extra</code>
+    has been added and warns also about other conversion;
+    <code>-Wconversion-extra</code> typically shows a huge number warnings,
+    most of which can be ignored.</li>
     <li>A new command-line option <code>-Wunused-dummy-argument</code> warns
 	about unused dummy arguments and is included in <code>-Wall</code>.
 	Before <code>-Wunused-variable</code> also warned about unused dummy
@@ -230,6 +237,15 @@ 
 	<code>ASSOCIATE</code>, <code>BLOCK</code>, <code>IF</code>,
 	<code>SELECT CASE</code> and <code>SELECT TYPE</code> constructs.</li>
 	<li>Internal procedures can now be used as actual argument.</li>
+	<li>The named constants <code>INTEGER_KINDS</code>,
+	<code>LOGICAL_KINDS</code>, <code>REAL_KINDS</code> and
+	<code>CHARACTER_KINDS</code> of the intrinsic module
+	<code>ISO_FORTRAN_ENV</code> have been added; those arrays contain
+	the supported kind values for the respective types.</li>
+	<li>The module procedures <code>C_SIZEOF</code> of the intrinsic
+	module <code>ISO_C_BINDINGS</code> and <code>COMPILER_VERSION</code>
+	and <code>COMPILER_OPTIONS</code> of <code>ISO_FORTRAN_ENV</code>
+	have been implemented.</li> 
 	<li>Minor changes: obsolesce diagnostics for <code>ENTRY</code>
 	was added for <code>-std=f2008</code>;
 	a line may start with a semicolon;