[COMMITTED] Add fts64_* to sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist
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Roland McGrath Feb. 22, 2016, 11:37 p.m. UTC
Committed to trunk and cherry-picked on 2.23 branch.


2016-02-22  Roland McGrath  <roland@hack.frob.com>

	* sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist (GLIBC_2.23): Add GLIBC_2.23,
	fts64_children, fts64_close, fts64_open, fts64_read and fts64_set.

diff mbox

diff --git a/sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist b/sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist
index 561441e..0560510 100644
--- a/sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist
+++ b/sysdeps/arm/nacl/libc.abilist
@@ -1834,3 +1834,9 @@  GLIBC_2.22 wprintf F
 GLIBC_2.22 write F
 GLIBC_2.22 writev F
 GLIBC_2.22 wscanf F
+GLIBC_2.23 GLIBC_2.23 A
+GLIBC_2.23 fts64_children F
+GLIBC_2.23 fts64_close F
+GLIBC_2.23 fts64_open F
+GLIBC_2.23 fts64_read F
+GLIBC_2.23 fts64_set F