[Ada] Attributes of arrays with an index type derived from a formal type
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Arnaud Charlet June 23, 2010, 6:26 a.m. UTC
The attributes of formal discrete types, and of arrays whose indices are
formal types, are not static and cannot be constant-folded. The same is true
if an index type is derived from a formal type. The check for types derived
from formal types was missing, leading to improper static evaluation..

The following must compile and execute quietly:

with G1;
procedure Q is
   type Indx is range 1 .. 10;
   package Inst is new G1 (Indx);
   use Inst;
   Obj : R := ((others => 0), 10);
   if not Is_Full (Obj) then
      raise Program_Error;
   end if;
   type Ix is range <>;
package G1 is
   type Iterator is new Ix;
   type Arr is array (Iterator) of integer;
   type R is record
      Nodes : Arr;
      Count : Positive;
   end record;

   function Is_Full (It : R) return Boolean;
end G1;
package body G1 is
   function Is_Full (It : R) return Boolean is
      return It.Count = It.Nodes'Length;
   end Is_Full;
end G1;

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2010-06-23  Ed Schonberg  <schonberg@adacore.com>

	* sem_attr.adb (Eval_Attribute): If the prefix is an array, the
	attribute cannot be constant-folded if an index type is a formal type,
	or is derived from one.
	* checks.adb (Determine_Range): ditto.

diff mbox

Index: checks.adb
--- checks.adb	(revision 161078)
+++ checks.adb	(working copy)
@@ -3351,6 +3351,14 @@  package body Checks is
                         Indx := Next_Index (Indx);
                      end loop;
+                     --  if The index type is a formal type, or derived from
+                     --  one, the bounds are not static.
+                     if Is_Generic_Type (Root_Type (Etype (Indx))) then
+                        OK := False;
+                        return;
+                     end if;
                        (Type_Low_Bound (Etype (Indx)), OK1, LL, LU,
Index: sem_attr.adb
--- sem_attr.adb	(revision 161200)
+++ sem_attr.adb	(working copy)
@@ -5633,10 +5633,10 @@  package body Sem_Attr is
             while Present (N) loop
                Static := Static and then Is_Static_Subtype (Etype (N));
-               --  If however the index type is generic, attributes cannot
-               --  be folded.
+               --  If however the index type is generic, or derived from
+               --  one, attributes cannot be folded.
-               if Is_Generic_Type (Etype (N))
+               if Is_Generic_Type (Root_Type (Etype (N)))
                  and then Id /= Attribute_Component_Size
@@ -6205,13 +6205,13 @@  package body Sem_Attr is
          Ind : Node_Id;
-         --  In the case of a generic index type, the bounds may appear static
-         --  but the computation is not meaningful in this case, and may
-         --  generate a spurious warning.
+         --  If any index type is a formal type, or derived from one, the
+         --  bounds are not static. Treating them as static can produce
+         --  spurious warnings or improper constant folding.
          Ind := First_Index (P_Type);
          while Present (Ind) loop
-            if Is_Generic_Type (Etype (Ind)) then
+            if Is_Generic_Type (Root_Type (Etype (Ind))) then
             end if;