[debug-early] Handle specification of class scoped static functions
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Aldy Hernandez March 20, 2015, 5:56 p.m. UTC
Hi Jason.

For class scoped static functions:

		   class C {
		     static void moo () {}

...we are calling gen_subprogram on moo() the usual handful of times 
(during early dwarf): once as a member of C and once because moo() is a 
reachable function.  However, on the second time, we reuse the cached 
DIE and merely remove the DW_AT_declaration attribute:

	  /* Clear out the declaration attribute, but leave the
	     parameters so they can be augmented with location
	     information later.  */
	  remove_AT (subr_die, DW_AT_declaration);

This causes us to reuse the DIE from within the class, instead of adding 
a specification of this cached DIE.

With the attached tweak we fix this problem, and about a hundred gdb 
regressions.  This IMHO is a "Good Thing" :).

Would you be so kind as to look at this two-liner to make sure you're OK 
with it?

commit cec08d43caffbf086720ac3994d068010dc103c9
Author: Aldy Hernandez <aldyh@redhat.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 20 09:55:31 2015 -0700

    Handle specification of class scoped static functions.


Jason Merrill March 20, 2015, 9:21 p.m. UTC | #1
I think we want to drop the debug_early check there entirely; the added 
conditions seem to be gutting it.  If is_cu_die (old_die->die_parent) is 
false, then class_or_namespace_scope_p (old_die->die_parent) ought to be 


diff mbox

diff --git a/gcc/dwarf2out.c b/gcc/dwarf2out.c
index 8884afd..1325dfe 100644
--- a/gcc/dwarf2out.c
+++ b/gcc/dwarf2out.c
@@ -18770,7 +18770,20 @@  gen_subprogram_die (tree decl, dw_die_ref context_die)
       struct dwarf_file_data * file_index = lookup_filename (s.file);
       if (((is_cu_die (old_die->die_parent)
 	    || context_die == NULL
-	    || dumped_early)
+	    || (dumped_early
+		/* For class scoped static functions, the dumped early
+		   version was the declaration, whereas the next time
+		   around with a different context should be the
+		   specification.  In this case, avoid reusing the
+		   DIE, but generate a specification below. E.g.:
+		   class C {
+		   public:
+		     static void moo () {}
+		   };
+		*/
+		&& (!is_cu_die (context_die)
+		    || !class_or_namespace_scope_p (old_die->die_parent))))
 	   && (DECL_ARTIFICIAL (decl)
 	       || (get_AT_file (old_die, DW_AT_decl_file) == file_index
 		   && (get_AT_unsigned (old_die, DW_AT_decl_line)