Please help, building from HEAD on Mac OS 10.6.1

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malc Sept. 16, 2009, 1:23 a.m.
On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, J. B. Rainsberger wrote:

> Hello, folks.
> I'm new here and I'm just trying to get lcdproc to work, so please
> don't hurt me. :)
> In the process of trying to build lcdproc, I found myself googling
> around like mad trying to find kvm.h. I have made it here and am
> trying to build qemu so that I can have kvm.h instead of trying to
> fool the lcdproc build into thinking that it doesn't need kvm.h.
> I finally found the git repository for the project and am trying to
> build off commit ffabf0371832aa398f647bc18b4d3c50609c1493. Configure
> passes, but make fails, and I hope you will help me fix the problem. I
> promise you, I've spent well over a day scouring the web for answers.
> When I found the instruction "search the archives for Mac OS X
> patches" I was hoping I could take advantage of your collective memory
> to point me to the right patches at the right time. I hope you don't
> find this lazy on my part.
> I've included the output from configure and make below so you can
> comment on them. Please help. I'm trying to get an LCD working for a
> test-driven development course I teach: I use as a sample application
> scanning barcodes and having the price show up on a cash register
> display, and while I have the barcode, I want to get a cooler display
> working than just the console.

Foes following fix it?



diff --git a/audio/mixeng.h b/audio/mixeng.h
index cac0569..4af1dd9 100644
--- a/audio/mixeng.h
+++ b/audio/mixeng.h
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ 
 typedef float mixeng_real;
 struct mixeng_volume { int mute; mixeng_real r; mixeng_real l; };
-struct mixeng_sample { mixeng_real l; mixeng_real r; };
+struct st_sample { mixeng_real l; mixeng_real r; };
 struct mixeng_volume { int mute; int64_t r; int64_t l; };
 struct st_sample { int64_t l; int64_t r; };