[doc] : Fix "@tex should only appear at a line beginning'" warnings

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Uros Bizjak Sept. 29, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Attached patch decorates mail addresses with @mail{} to avoid "@tex
should only appear at a line beginning'" warnings. Also the patch adds
@uref and http:// prefix for a webpage.

2013-09-29  Uros Bizjak  <ubizjak@gmail.com>

    * doc/gcc.texi (titlepage): Use @uref and http:// prefix for website.
    Use @email for email addresses.

Tested with make doc on texinfo 5.1 Fedora 19.



Index: gcc.texi
--- gcc.texi    (revision 203015)
+++ gcc.texi    (working copy)
@@ -83,11 +83,11 @@ 
 Published by:
 @multitable @columnfractions 0.5 0.5
 @item GNU Press
-@tab Website: www.gnupress.org
+@tab Website: @uref{http://www.gnupress.org}
 @item a division of the
-@tab General: @tex press@@gnu.org @end tex
+@tab General: @email{press@@gnu.org}
 @item Free Software Foundation
-@tab Orders:  @tex sales@@gnu.org @end tex
+@tab Orders:  @email{sales@@gnu.org}
 @item 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor
 @tab Tel 617-542-5942
 @item Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA