Call set_mem_attributes instead of set_mem_attributes_minus_bitpos where possible

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Richard Biener Jan. 10, 2013, 1:56 p.m.
Committed as obvious (leaves a single caller of


2013-01-10  Richard Biener  <>

	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_init_trampoline): Use


Index: gcc/builtins.c
--- gcc/builtins.c	(revision 195083)
+++ gcc/builtins.c	(working copy)
@@ -4853,8 +4853,7 @@  expand_builtin_init_trampoline (tree exp
      within the local function's FRAME decl.  Either way, let's see if
      we can fill in the MEM_ATTRs for this memory.  */
   if (TREE_CODE (t_tramp) == ADDR_EXPR)
-    set_mem_attributes_minus_bitpos (m_tramp, TREE_OPERAND (t_tramp, 0),
-				     true, 0);
+    set_mem_attributes (m_tramp, TREE_OPERAND (t_tramp, 0), true);
   /* Creator of a heap trampoline is responsible for making sure the
      address is aligned to at least STACK_BOUNDARY.  Normally malloc