[Fortran,committed] free gfc_code of EXEC_END_PROCEDURE

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Tobias Burnus Aug. 21, 2012, 10:26 p.m.
Background: There is currently a memory leakage cleanup in the middle 
end – and fixing PR 54332 would probably have been also easier without 
FE leaks.

I think we should join in an try to remove some leakage - and try to not 
introduce new ones.

* * *

Committed: For EXPR_END_PROCEDURE, I have committed one fix as obvious 
(-> parse.c). However, I have a test case where parse_contained still 
leaks memory, possibly another, similar patch is needed in addition.

* * *

There are also plenty of leaks related to the freeing of gfc_ss. I 
attached a draft patch (trans-expr.c, trans-intrinsics.c), which is 
probably okay, but not yet regtested.

OK with a changelog (and if it regtested)?

Note: The patch is incomplete, e.g. "argss" of gfc_conv_procedure_call 
is not (or not always) freed. Ditto for rss of gfc_trans_assignment_1; 
ditto for lss and rss of gfc_trans_pointer_assignment

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Additionally, there is a memory leak when generating more than one 
procedure per TU: The memory which is allocated but not freed 
gfc_generate_function_code -> (generate_coarray_init or 
trans_function_start) -> init_function_start -> prepare_function_start 
-> init_emit

The memory should be feed via (backend_init_target or 
lang_dependent_init_target) -> expand_dummy_function_end -> 

The latter seems to operate on "cfun" – hence, it only frees the last 
"cfun" and not all.

However, despite some longer debugging (e.g. using a main program, which 
calls create_main_function), I failed to find the problem.

* * *

And module.c can also leak plenty of memory ...



diff --git a/gcc/fortran/trans-expr.c b/gcc/fortran/trans-expr.c
index 4f7d026..cfb0862 100644
--- a/gcc/fortran/trans-expr.c
+++ b/gcc/fortran/trans-expr.c
@@ -533,6 +533,7 @@  gfc_copy_class_to_class (tree from, tree to, tree nelems)
       loop.to[0] = nelems;
       gfc_trans_scalarizing_loops (&loop, &loopbody);
       gfc_add_block_to_block (&body, &loop.pre);
+      gfc_cleanup_loop (&loop);
       tmp = gfc_finish_block (&body);
@@ -6770,6 +6771,7 @@  gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign (gfc_expr * expr1, gfc_expr * expr2)
       if (!expr2->value.function.isym)
 	  realloc_lhs_loop_for_fcn_call (&se, &expr1->where, &ss, &loop);
+	  gfc_cleanup_loop (&loop);
 	  ss->is_alloc_lhs = 1;
@@ -6778,6 +6780,7 @@  gfc_trans_arrayfunc_assign (gfc_expr * expr1, gfc_expr * expr2)
   gfc_conv_function_expr (&se, expr2);
   gfc_add_block_to_block (&se.pre, &se.post);
+  gfc_free_ss (se.ss);
   return gfc_finish_block (&se.pre);
diff --git a/gcc/fortran/trans-intrinsic.c b/gcc/fortran/trans-intrinsic.c
index fac29c7..d0aebe9 100644
--- a/gcc/fortran/trans-intrinsic.c
+++ b/gcc/fortran/trans-intrinsic.c
@@ -1328,6 +1328,7 @@  gfc_conv_intrinsic_rank (gfc_se *se, gfc_expr *expr)
   argse.descriptor_only = 1;
   gfc_conv_expr_descriptor (&argse, expr->value.function.actual->expr, ss);
+  gfc_free_ss (ss);
   gfc_add_block_to_block (&se->pre, &argse.pre);
   gfc_add_block_to_block (&se->post, &argse.post);