[GIT,PULL] remoteproc for 3.6

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Ohad Ben-Cohen July 25, 2012, 10:24 a.m.
Hi Linus,

There are a few merge conflicts which are mostly trivial, but there's
also a sneaky one which is easy to miss (I missed it when I reviewed
the merge in linux-next) so I also pushed a 3.6-merge-reference branch
(for reference).

(in short, e981f6d "remoteproc: fix print format warnings" fixed a
line in rproc_load_segments(), but that function was relocated to
remoteproc_elf_loader.c by 72854fb "remoteproc: Move Elf related
functions to separate file", and since 72854fb is based on the
pre-fixed version of the function, it does not carry the 1-liner fix
to remoteproc_elf_loader.c, so the merge commit should. Thanks a

Without further ado,

The following changes since commit 485802a6c524e62b5924849dd727ddbb1497cc71:

  Linux 3.5-rc3 (2012-06-16 17:25:17 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:


for you to fetch changes up to 6bb697b6b06041d2d0affc862b17b4b443a107e0:

  MAINTAINERS: add remoteproc's git (2012-07-15 11:39:02 +0300)

A batch of remoteproc patches for 3.6:
- custom binary format support from Sjur Brændeland
- groundwork for recovery and runtime pm support
- some cleanups and API simplifications

Ohad Ben-Cohen (8):
      remoteproc: allocate vrings on demand, free when not needed
      remoteproc: maintain a generic child device for each rproc
      remoteproc: remove the now-redundant kref
      remoteproc: simplify unregister/free interfaces
      remoteproc: support non-iommu carveout assignment
      remoteproc: remove the get_by_name/put API
      remoteproc: adopt the driver core's alloc/add/del/put naming
      MAINTAINERS: add remoteproc's git

Sjur Brændeland (4):
      remoteproc: Pass struct fw to load_segments and find_rsc_table.
      remoteproc: Add function rproc_get_boot_addr
      remoteproc: Move Elf related functions to separate file
      remoteproc: Support custom firmware handlers

 Documentation/remoteproc.txt               |  58 +--
 MAINTAINERS                                |   1 +
 drivers/remoteproc/Makefile                |   1 +
 drivers/remoteproc/omap_remoteproc.c       |  26 +-
 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_core.c       | 726 ++++++++---------------------
 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_debugfs.c    |   4 +-
 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_elf_loader.c | 295 ++++++++++++
 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_internal.h   |  62 +++
 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_virtio.c     |  34 +-
 drivers/rpmsg/virtio_rpmsg_bus.c           |   3 +-
 include/linux/remoteproc.h                 |  20 +-
 11 files changed, 613 insertions(+), 617 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_elf_loader.c