PR51280 LTO/trans-mem ICE with TM builtins

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Aldy Hernandez Jan. 23, 2012, 2:07 p.m.
> PR lto/51916
> * lto-object.c (LTO_SEGMENT_NAME): Define segment name.
> (lto_obj_file_open): Use it.

Patrick, the changelog was referring to the wrong file and the wrong 
function.  I've fixed it.  I also inlined the segment name, as Ian had 
in the PR.

Richard Guenther approved the patch on the PR, so I am committing and 
closing the PR.  The final version of the patch is attached.

Thanks for fixing this!
PR lto/51916
	* lto-wrapper.c (run_gcc): Pass the LTO section name to


Index: lto-wrapper.c
--- lto-wrapper.c	(revision 183432)
+++ lto-wrapper.c	(working copy)
@@ -479,7 +479,8 @@  run_gcc (unsigned argc, char *argv[])
       fd = open (argv[i], O_RDONLY);
       if (fd == -1)
-      sobj = simple_object_start_read (fd, file_offset, NULL, &errmsg, &err);
+      sobj = simple_object_start_read (fd, file_offset, "__GNU_LTO", 
+	  			       &errmsg, &err);
       if (!sobj)
 	  close (fd);