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Anatoly Sokolov Dec. 24, 2011, 9:52 a.m.

> Hi Anatoly,
> I cannot apply your patch to a lean tree. I tried to save your email
> as a text file, copy from thunderbird, copy from gmail, copy from the
> mailing list archive. But neither works.
> Regards,
> Jie

You can use a patch now?



Index: gcc/config/bfin/bfin-protos.h
--- gcc/config/bfin/bfin-protos.h	(revision 182658)
+++ gcc/config/bfin/bfin-protos.h	(working copy)
@@ -85,9 +85,6 @@  extern bool bfin_longcall_p (rtx, int);
  extern bool bfin_dsp_memref_p (rtx);
  extern bool bfin_expand_movmem (rtx, rtx, rtx, rtx);

-extern int bfin_register_move_cost (enum machine_mode, enum reg_class,
-				    enum reg_class);
-extern int bfin_memory_move_cost (enum machine_mode, enum reg_class, int in);
  extern enum reg_class secondary_input_reload_class (enum reg_class,
  						    enum machine_mode,
Index: gcc/config/bfin/bfin.c
--- gcc/config/bfin/bfin.c	(revision 182658)
+++ gcc/config/bfin/bfin.c	(working copy)
@@ -2149,12 +2149,11 @@  bfin_vector_mode_supported_p (enum machi
    return mode == V2HImode;

-/* Return the cost of moving data from a register in class CLASS1 to
-   one in class CLASS2.  A cost of 2 is the default.  */
+/* Worker function for TARGET_REGISTER_MOVE_COST.  */

+static int
  bfin_register_move_cost (enum machine_mode mode,
-			 enum reg_class class1, enum reg_class class2)
+			 reg_class_t class1, reg_class_t class2)
    /* These need secondary reloads, so they're more expensive.  */
    if ((class1 == CCREGS && !reg_class_subset_p (class2, DREGS))
@@ -2177,18 +2176,16 @@  bfin_register_move_cost (enum machine_mo
    return 2;

-/* Return the cost of moving data of mode M between a
-   register and memory.  A value of 2 is the default; this cost is
-   relative to those in `REGISTER_MOVE_COST'.
+/* Worker function for TARGET_MEMORY_MOVE_COST.

     ??? In theory L1 memory has single-cycle latency.  We should add a switch
     that tells the compiler whether we expect to use only L1 memory for the
     program; it'll make the costs more accurate.  */

+static int
  bfin_memory_move_cost (enum machine_mode mode ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED,
-		       enum reg_class rclass,
-		       int in ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
+		       reg_class_t rclass,
+		       bool in ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
    /* Make memory accesses slightly more expensive than any register-register
       move.  Also, penalize non-DP registers, since they need secondary
@@ -5703,6 +5700,12 @@  bfin_conditional_register_usage (void)
  #define TARGET_ADDRESS_COST bfin_address_cost

+#define TARGET_REGISTER_MOVE_COST bfin_register_move_cost
+#define TARGET_MEMORY_MOVE_COST bfin_memory_move_cost
  #define TARGET_ASM_INTEGER bfin_assemble_integer

Index: gcc/config/bfin/bfin.h
--- gcc/config/bfin/bfin.h	(revision 182658)
+++ gcc/config/bfin/bfin.h	(working copy)
@@ -975,29 +975,6 @@  typedef struct {
  /* Do not put function addr into constant pool */
  #define NO_FUNCTION_CSE 1

-/* A C expression for the cost of moving data from a register in class FROM to
-   one in class TO.  The classes are expressed using the enumeration values
-   such as `GENERAL_REGS'.  A value of 2 is the default; other values are
-   interpreted relative to that.
-   It is not required that the cost always equal 2 when FROM is the same as TO;
-   on some machines it is expensive to move between registers if they are not
-   general registers.  */
-   bfin_register_move_cost ((MODE), (CLASS1), (CLASS2))
-/* A C expression for the cost of moving data of mode M between a
-   register and memory.  A value of 2 is the default; this cost is
-   relative to those in `REGISTER_MOVE_COST'.
-   If moving between registers and memory is more expensive than
-   between two registers, you should define this macro to express the
-   relative cost.  */
-  bfin_memory_move_cost ((MODE), (CLASS), (IN))
  /* Specify the machine mode that this machine uses
     for the index in the tablejump instruction.  */
  #define CASE_VECTOR_MODE SImode