Update update_web_docs_svn references in sourcebuild.texi
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  • Update update_web_docs_svn references in sourcebuild.texi
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Joseph Myers Jan. 22, 2020, 1:37 a.m. UTC
These needed updating after the replacement of update_web_docs_svn by


2020-01-22  Joseph Myers  <joseph@codesourcery.com>

	* doc/sourcebuild.texi (Texinfo Manuals, Front End): Refer to
	update_web_docs_git instead of update_web_docs_svn.

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diff --git a/gcc/doc/sourcebuild.texi b/gcc/doc/sourcebuild.texi
index c18a630343e..af711ad753f 100644
--- a/gcc/doc/sourcebuild.texi
+++ b/gcc/doc/sourcebuild.texi
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@  and they are included in release distributions.
 Manuals are also provided on the GCC web site, in both HTML and
 PostScript forms.  This is done via the script
-@file{maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn}.  Each manual to be
+@file{maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_git}.  Each manual to be
 provided online must be listed in the definition of @code{MANUALS} in
 that file; a file @file{@var{name}.texi} must only appear once in the
 source tree, and the output manual must have the same name as the
@@ -561,7 +561,7 @@  A news item on @file{index.html}, and possibly an announcement on the
 @email{gcc-announce@@gcc.gnu.org} mailing list.
 The front end's manuals should be mentioned in
-@file{maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn} (@pxref{Texinfo Manuals})
+@file{maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_git} (@pxref{Texinfo Manuals})
 and the online manuals should be linked to from