[wwwdocs] A final GNU/Linux-related change, in GCC 3.2 release notes

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Gerald Pfeifer Oct. 24, 2011, 7:53 p.m.
With a different fix than Karl suggested (and I also adjusted the 
PR): replace powerpc linux by powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu.  Applied.



Index: gcc-3.2/changes.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-3.2/changes.html,v
retrieving revision 1.55
diff -u -r1.55 changes.html
--- gcc-3.2/changes.html	27 Nov 2010 20:24:33 -0000	1.55
+++ gcc-3.2/changes.html	24 Oct 2011 19:50:27 -0000
@@ -494,7 +494,7 @@ 
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR5967">5967</a>: GCC bug when profiling nested functions on powerpc</li>
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR6984">6984</a>: wrong code generated with <code>-O2</code>, <code>-O3</code>, <code>-Os</code> for do-while loop on PowerPC</li>
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR7114">7114</a>: PowerPC: ICE building <code>strcoll.op</code> from glibc-2.2.5</li>
-<li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR7130">7130</a>: miscompiled code for GCC-3.1 in powerpc linux with <code>-funroll-all-loops</code></li>
+<li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR7130">7130</a>: miscompiled code for GCC-3.1 on powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu with <code>-funroll-all-loops</code></li>
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR7133">7133</a>: PowerPC ICE: unrecognizable insn</li>
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR7380">7380</a>: ICE in <code>extract_insn</code>, at <code>recog.c:2148</code></li>
 <li><a href="http://gcc.gnu.org/PR8252">8252</a>: ICE on Altivec code with optimization turned on</li>