[v1,03/36] target/riscv: Add the Hypervisor extension
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Message ID a61a1739c01c587a5e65a93398317ae644426aff.1575914822.git.alistair.francis@wdc.com
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  • Add RISC-V Hypervisor Extension v0.5
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Alistair Francis Dec. 9, 2019, 6:10 p.m. UTC
Signed-off-by: Alistair Francis <alistair.francis@wdc.com>
Reviewed-by: Chih-Min Chao <chihmin.chao@sifive.com>
Reviewed-by: Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@sifive.com>
 target/riscv/cpu.h | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

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diff --git a/target/riscv/cpu.h b/target/riscv/cpu.h
index f889427869..91e1c56fc4 100644
--- a/target/riscv/cpu.h
+++ b/target/riscv/cpu.h
@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ 
 #define RVC RV('C')
 #define RVS RV('S')
 #define RVU RV('U')
+#define RVH RV('H')
 /* S extension denotes that Supervisor mode exists, however it is possible
    to have a core that support S mode but does not have an MMU and there