[GIT,PULL,v2] Hisilicon driver updates for v5.5
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  • [GIT,PULL,v2] Hisilicon driver updates for v5.5
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git://github.com/hisilicon/linux-hisi.git tags/hisi-drivers-for-5.5


Wei Xu Nov. 11, 2019, 12:53 p.m. UTC
Hi ARM-SoC team,

Please consider to pull the following changes.

Best Regards,


The following changes since commit 54ecb8f7028c5eb3d740bb82b0f1d90f2df63c5c:

   Linux 5.4-rc1 (2019-09-30 10:35:40 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

   git://github.com/hisilicon/linux-hisi.git tags/hisi-drivers-for-5.5

for you to fetch changes up to f361c863b3bfa602da37d7a94d90a5dfee0d08fe:

   logic_pio: Build into a library (2019-11-05 08:48:07 +0800)

ARM64: hisi: SoC driver updates for 5.5

- check the LOGIC_PIO_INDIRECT region ops at registration instead of
   in the IO port accessors to optimise the lib/ligic_pio.c

- add the hisi LPC driver to the build test for the other architectures
   except ALPHA, C6X, HEXAGON and PARISC as they do not define 
   by updating the hisi LPC Kconfig and adding a dummy PIO_INDIRECT_SIZE

- clean the sparse complains of the hisi LPC driver

- build logic_pio into a lib to avoid including in the vmlinux when not

John Garry (5):
       lib: logic_pio: Enforce LOGIC_PIO_INDIRECT region ops are set at 
       logic_pio: Define PIO_INDIRECT_SIZE for !CONFIG_INDIRECT_PIO
       bus: hisi_lpc: Clean some types
       bus: hisi_lpc: Expand build test coverage
       logic_pio: Build into a library

  drivers/bus/Kconfig       |  5 +++--
  drivers/bus/hisi_lpc.c    |  9 ++++-----
  include/linux/logic_pio.h |  4 ++--
  lib/Makefile              |  2 +-
  lib/logic_pio.c           | 14 ++++++++------
  5 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)