[v2,net,2/3] net/smc: receive returns without data
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Message ID 20191010081611.35446-3-kgraul@linux.ibm.com
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Delegated to: David Miller
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  • net/smc: fixes for -net
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Karsten Graul Oct. 10, 2019, 8:16 a.m. UTC
smc_cdc_rxed_any_close_or_senddone() is used as an end condition for the
receive loop. This conflicts with smc_cdc_msg_recv_action() which could
run in parallel and set the bits checked by
smc_cdc_rxed_any_close_or_senddone() before the receive is processed.
In that case we could return from receive with no data, although data is
available. The same applies to smc_rx_wait().
Fix this by checking for RCV_SHUTDOWN only, which is set in
smc_cdc_msg_recv_action() after the receive was actually processed.

Fixes: 952310ccf2d8 ("smc: receive data from RMBE")
Reviewed-by: Ursula Braun <ubraun@linux.ibm.com>
Signed-off-by: Karsten Graul <kgraul@linux.ibm.com>
 net/smc/smc_rx.c | 4 +---
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/net/smc/smc_rx.c b/net/smc/smc_rx.c
index 413a6abf227e..000002642288 100644
--- a/net/smc/smc_rx.c
+++ b/net/smc/smc_rx.c
@@ -211,8 +211,7 @@  int smc_rx_wait(struct smc_sock *smc, long *timeo,
 	rc = sk_wait_event(sk, timeo,
 			   sk->sk_err ||
 			   sk->sk_shutdown & RCV_SHUTDOWN ||
-			   fcrit(conn) ||
-			   smc_cdc_rxed_any_close_or_senddone(conn),
+			   fcrit(conn),
 	remove_wait_queue(sk_sleep(sk), &wait);
 	sk_clear_bit(SOCKWQ_ASYNC_WAITDATA, sk);
@@ -310,7 +309,6 @@  int smc_rx_recvmsg(struct smc_sock *smc, struct msghdr *msg,
 			smc_rx_update_cons(smc, 0);
 		if (sk->sk_shutdown & RCV_SHUTDOWN ||
-		    smc_cdc_rxed_any_close_or_senddone(conn) ||