[bpf-next,RFC,5/6] selftests/bpf: bpf_tcp_gen_syncookie->bpf_helpers
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Message ID 20190716002650.154729-6-ppenkov.kernel@gmail.com
State RFC
Delegated to: BPF Maintainers
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  • Introduce a BPF helper to generate SYN cookies
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Petar Penkov July 16, 2019, 12:26 a.m. UTC
From: Petar Penkov <ppenkov@google.com>

Expose bpf_tcp_gen_syncookie to selftests.

Signed-off-by: Petar Penkov <ppenkov@google.com>
 tools/testing/selftests/bpf/bpf_helpers.h | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/tools/testing/selftests/bpf/bpf_helpers.h b/tools/testing/selftests/bpf/bpf_helpers.h
index 5a3d92c8bec8..19f01e967402 100644
--- a/tools/testing/selftests/bpf/bpf_helpers.h
+++ b/tools/testing/selftests/bpf/bpf_helpers.h
@@ -228,6 +228,9 @@  static void *(*bpf_sk_storage_get)(void *map, struct bpf_sock *sk,
 static int (*bpf_sk_storage_delete)(void *map, struct bpf_sock *sk) =
 	(void *)BPF_FUNC_sk_storage_delete;
 static int (*bpf_send_signal)(unsigned sig) = (void *)BPF_FUNC_send_signal;
+static long long (*bpf_tcp_gen_syncookie)(struct bpf_sock *sk, void *ip,
+					  int ip_len, void *tcp, int tcp_len) =
+	(void *) BPF_FUNC_tcp_gen_syncookie;
 /* llvm builtin functions that eBPF C program may use to
  * emit BPF_LD_ABS and BPF_LD_IND instructions