[U-Boot] ubifs on p1_p2_rdb issue

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Bryan Hundven July 8, 2011, 7:38 p.m.
I would like to use my nor as a raw flash, but I would like ubi/ubifs
on my nand.
I have both a custom p1020 and p2020 board, and I have the p1020rdb
and p2020rdb eval boards.

I tried to add ubifs support on 2011.06:

 #define CONFIG_MMC     1

but this fails during the final link with:
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: section .bootpg loaded at
[effff000,effff237] overlaps section .rodata loaded at
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: u-boot: section .bootpg vma
0xeffff000 overlaps previous sections
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: u-boot: section .resetvec
vma 0xeffffffc overlaps previous sections
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: u-boot: section .reloc vma
0xf0007c00 overlaps previous sections
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: u-boot: section .data vma
0xf000bf88 overlaps previous sections
/opt/WG/ppc-linux26-eglibc212/bin/ppc-ld: u-boot: section .u_boot_cmd
vma 0xf00105f4 overlaps previous sections

on my custom boards, I don't see these errors, because a lot of things
are disabled (no mmc, no e1000 driver, and a few differences in memory
layout, and larger nand (512M) and smaller flash (2M)). But when I try
to boot the u-boot on my custom board that is able compile with the
above patch, it doens't boot.

I removed all of the defines and started adding one define at a time,
and the board stopped booting when I added CONFIG_CMD_UBIFS.
I currently don't have the jtag (freescale cw usbtap) working yet, but
I guess my questions are:

1) do I just need to disable some features I don't need for the
p1020rdb/p2020rdb to get more room for ubifs to get it to build with

2) How can I figure out why adding CONFIG_CMD_UBIFS makes my custom
board not boot. Is there some spot that I can insert a printf early to
find out if it is even getting uboot from the text_base?



diff --git a/include/configs/P1_P2_RDB.h b/include/configs/P1_P2_RDB.h
index 59f9755..5aac92f 100644
--- a/include/configs/P1_P2_RDB.h
+++ b/include/configs/P1_P2_RDB.h
@@ -578,6 +578,14 @@  extern unsigned long get_board_sys_clk(unsigned
long dummy);

+#define CONFIG_LZO
 #undef CONFIG_WATCHDOG                 /* watchdog disabled */