[COMMITTED] Move generic <bits/unistd_ext.h> to a more regular location

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  • [COMMITTED] Move generic <bits/unistd_ext.h> to a more regular location
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Florian Weimer Feb. 8, 2019, 10:11 p.m.
No functional change; the previous path worked as well, but it
re-added the obsolete sysdeps/generic/bits directory, which was
removed (for the first time) in commit

Fixes commit e47d82c99a6db060419b421768aced76bea92997 ("Provide
<bits/unistd_ext.h> as a sysdeps header exclusively").

2019-02-08  Florian Weimer  <fweimer@redhat.com>

	* sysdeps/generic/bits/unistd_ext.h: Move to ...
	* bits/unistd_ext.h: here.


diff --git a/sysdeps/generic/bits/unistd_ext.h b/bits/unistd_ext.h
similarity index 100%
rename from sysdeps/generic/bits/unistd_ext.h
rename to bits/unistd_ext.h