Docs: cfg.texi: Correct statement about CFG

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陳韋任 June 14, 2011, 2:22 a.m.
The patch correct statement about CFG. According to the comment on
the function gimple_expand_cfg in gcc/cfgexpand.c, the tree CFG now
is preserved and expanded to RTL representation.

2011-06-14  Wei-Ren Chen <>

  * gcc/doc/cfg.texi: Correct statement about CFG.


Index: cfg.texi
--- cfg.texi    (revision 175007)
+++ cfg.texi    (working copy)
@@ -612,11 +612,10 @@ 

 Note that at present, the representation of control flow in the
-@code{tree} representation is discarded before expanding to RTL@.
-Long term the CFG should be maintained and ``expanded'' to the
-RTL representation along with the function @code{tree} itself.
+@code{tree} representation is maintained and ``expanded'' to the RTL
+representation. So the CFG simultaneously consist of basic blocks
+containing RTL and GIMPLE trees.

 @node Liveness information
 @section Liveness information
 @cindex Liveness representation