[v05,0/5] powerpc/migration: Affinity fix for memory
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  • powerpc/migration: Affinity fix for memory
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Michael Bringmann Oct. 13, 2018, 9:34 p.m. UTC
The migration of LPARs across Power systems affects many attributes
including that of the associativity of memory blocks.  The patches
in this set execute when a system is coming up fresh upon a migration
target.  They are intended to,

* Recognize changes to the associativity of memory recorded in
  internal data structures when compared to the latest copies in
  the device tree (e.g. ibm,dynamic-memory, ibm,dynamic-memory-v2).
* Recognize changes to the associativity mapping (e.g. ibm,
  associativity-lookup-arrays), locate all assigned memory blocks
  corresponding to each changed row, and readd all such blocks.
* Generate calls to other code layers to reset the data structures
  related to associativity of memory.
* Re-register the 'changed' entities into the target system.
  Re-registration of memory blocks mostly entails acting as if they
  have been newly hot-added into the target system.

This code builds upon features introduced in a previous patch set
that updates CPUs for affinity changes that may occur during LPM.

Signed-off-by: Michael Bringmann <mwb@linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Michael Bringmann (5):
  powerpc/drmem: Export 'dynamic-memory' loader
  powerpc/drmem: Add internal_flags feature
  migration/memory: Add hotplug flags READD_MULTIPLE
  migration/memory: Evaluate LMB assoc changes
  migration/memory: Support 'ibm,dynamic-memory-v2'
Changes in v05:
  -- Add walk_drmem_lmbs_pairs to replace macro for_each_pair_lmb
  -- Use walk_drmem_lmbs_pairs and callback instead of local loop
  -- Provide dlpar_memory_readd_helper routine to compress some common code
  -- Move common structure from numa.c + hotplug-memory.c to header file.
  -- Clarify some comments.
Changes in v04:
  -- Move dlpar_memory_readd_multiple() to patch with new ACTION
  -- Move init of 'lmb->internal_flags' in init_drmem_v2_lmbs to
     patch with other references to flag.
  -- Correct spacing in one of the patches
Changes in v03:
  -- Change operation to tag changed LMBs in DRMEM array instead of
     queuing a potentially huge number of structures.
  -- Added another hotplug queue event for CPU/memory operations
  -- Added internal_flags feature to DRMEM
  -- Improve the patch description language for the patch set.
  -- Revise patch set to queue worker for memory association
     updates directly to pseries worker queue.