[v07,0/9] powerpc/hotplug: Update affinity for migrated CPUs
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  • powerpc/hotplug: Update affinity for migrated CPUs
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Michael Bringmann July 13, 2018, 8:16 p.m. UTC
The migration of LPARs across Power systems affects many attributes
including that of the associativity of CPUs.  The patches in this
set execute when a system is coming up fresh upon a migration target.
They are intended to,

* Recognize changes to the associativity of CPUs recorded in internal
  data structures when compared to the latest copies in the device tree.
* Generate calls to other code layers to reset the data structures
  related to associativity of the CPUs.
* Re-register the 'changed' entities into the target system.
  Re-registration of CPUs mostly entails acting as if they have been
  newly hot-added into the target system.

Signed-off-by: Michael Bringmann <mwb@linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Michael Bringmann (9):
  hotplug/cpu: Conditionally acquire/release DRC index
  hotplug/cpu: Add operation queuing function
  hotplug/cpu: Provide CPU readd operation
  mobility/numa: Ensure numa update does not overlap
  numa: Disable/enable arch_update_cpu_topology
  pmt/numa: Disable arch_update_cpu_topology during CPU readd
  powerpc/rtas: Allow disabling rtas_event_scan
  hotplug/rtas: No rtas_event_scan during PMT update
  hotplug/pmt: Update topology after PMT
Changes in patch:
  -- Restructure and rearrange content of patches to co-locate
     similar or related modifications
  -- Rename pseries_update_drconf_cpu to pseries_update_processor
  -- Simplify code to update CPU nodes during mobility checks.
     Remove functions to generate extra HP_ELOG messages in favor
     of direct function calls to dlpar_cpu_readd_by_index.
  -- Revise code order in dlpar_cpu_readd_by_index() to present
     more appropriate error codes from underlying layers of the
  -- Add hotplug device lock around all property updates
  -- Add call to rebuild_sched_domains in case of changes
  -- Various code cleanups and compaction
  -- Rebase to 4.18-rc1 kernel
  -- Change operation to run CPU readd after end of migration store.
  -- Improve descriptive text
  -- Cleanup patch reference to outdated function
  -- Code cleanup a 'acquire_drc' check in dlpar_cpu_add.
  -- Code cleanup a 'release_drc' check in dlpar_cpu_remove.