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Ronnie Sahlberg May 8, 2018, 11:55 p.m. UTC
Steve, all

Here is a new version of the compounding patches for for-next.
Up until 15/20 have been tested and passes both
sudo ./check -s smb2 -E tests/cifs/exclude.known-broken-smb3 -E tests/cifs/exclude.very-slow
sudo ./check -s smb3 -E tests/cifs/exclude.known-broken-smb3 -E tests/cifs/exclude.very-slow
for xfstest.

These patches finish the removal of the rfc1002 header for all smb2 PDUs and
provides the plumbing so that we can now start passing an array
of smb2 commands down the stack and send them out in a single compound.

Patches 16-20 still conflict with the root handle lease code but lets get 1-15 some road time first.

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