[v2,00/13] crypto/luks: preparation for encryption key managment
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  • crypto/luks: preparation for encryption key managment
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Maxim Levitsky Sept. 25, 2019, 9:35 p.m. UTC

This patch series is the refactoring/preparation part of the
former patch series I had sent which adds support for luks
key management.

I addressed all the review comments
I also added another minor patch to improve an error messsage
when trying to create too large file, for which I have an
open bug that waits to be closed.
Its also is form of refactoring, and thus I guess it makes
sense to include it here.

Best regards,
        Maxim Levitsky

Maxim Levitsky (13):
  block-crypto: misc refactoring
  qcrypto-luks: rename some fields in QCryptoBlockLUKSHeader
  qcrypto-luks: don't overwrite cipher_mode in header
  qcrypto-luks: simplify masterkey and masterkey length
  qcrypto-luks: pass keyslot index rather that pointer to the keyslot
  qcrypto-luks: use the parsed encryption settings in QCryptoBlockLUKS
  qcrypto-luks: purge unused error codes from open callback
  qcrypto-luks: extract store and load header
  qcrypto-luks: extract check and parse header
  qcrypto-luks: extract store key function
  qcrypto-luks: simplify the math used for keyslot locations
  qcrypto-luks: more rigorous header checking
  LUKS: better error message when creating too large files

 block/crypto.c      |   33 +-
 crypto/block-luks.c | 1025 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 2 files changed, 617 insertions(+), 441 deletions(-)