[00/12] crypto/luks: preparation for encryption key managment
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  • crypto/luks: preparation for encryption key managment
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Maxim Levitsky Sept. 12, 2019, 9:16 a.m. UTC

This patch series is the refactoring/preparation part of the
former patch series I had sent which adds support for luks
key management.

This series includes all the feedback from the last review iteration
and one new patch that removes errno values from .open
callback of luks crypto driver since these values are not
used anyway.

Best regards,
	Maxim Levitsky

Maxim Levitsky (12):
  block-crypto: misc refactoring
  qcrypto-luks: rename some fields in QCryptoBlockLUKSHeader
  qcrypto-luks: don't overwrite cipher_mode in header
  qcrypto-luks: simplify masterkey and masterkey length
  qcrypto-luks: pass keyslot index rather that pointer to the keyslot
  qcrypto-luks: use the parsed encryption settings in QCryptoBlockLUKS
  qcrypto-luks: purge unused error codes from open callback
  qcrypto-luks: extract store and load header
  qcrypto-luks: extract check and parse header
  qcrypto-luks: extract store key function
  qcrypto-luks: simplify the math used for keyslot locations
  qcrypto-luks: more rigorous header checking

 block/crypto.c      |   12 +-
 crypto/block-luks.c | 1023 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 2 files changed, 602 insertions(+), 433 deletions(-)