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  • Ingenic TCU patchset v9
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Paul Cercueil Dec. 27, 2018, 6:12 p.m. UTC

This is the v9 of my patchset to add support for the Timer/Counter Unit
present on Ingenic JZ47xx SoCs.

Changes from v8 mainly include:

- The system timer and clocksource sub-nodes of the ingenic-timer driver
  are gone. Now, the ingenic-timer will use the (optional) property
  named "ingenic,pwm-channels-mask" to know which TCU channels are
  reserved for PWM use.

- New patch [11/27] makes the PWM driver implement the .apply callback,
  which is cleaner and incidentally fixes a long-standing bug.

- The patch in V8 that converted the PWM driver to use the regmap and
  clocks provided by the ingenic-timer driver has been splitted in three
  patches, [12,13,14/27]. The algorithm in [14/27] has been slightly

- The patch that adds support for the JZ4725B SoC to the PWM driver has
  been removed from the patchset, as it's been suggested that the core
  could use a "npwms" device property to override the number of PWMs set
  in the driver.

-Paul Cercueil