Patchwork bundle: davem / stable

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This bundle contains patches for the netdev project.

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Patch A/R/T Date Submitter Delegate State
[1/2] usbnet: Get EVENT_NO_RUNTIME_PM bit before it is cleared 1 0 0 2015-08-24 Eugene Shatokhin davem Accepted
[net] vxlan: re-ignore EADDRINUSE from igmp_join 0 0 0 2015-08-25 Marcelo Ricardo Leitner davem Accepted
[net] ip6_gre: release cached dst on tunnel removal 0 0 0 2015-08-25 Nicolas Dichtel davem Accepted
[net] cls_u32: complete the check for non-forced case in u32_destroy() 0 0 0 2015-08-25 WANG Cong davem Accepted