Patchwork bundle: davem / stable

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This bundle contains patches for the netdev project.

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Patch A/R/T Date Submitter Delegate State
ipv6: Don't reduce hop limit for an interface 1 0 0 2015-03-25 D. S. Ljungmark davem Accepted
[net,1/2] net/mlx4_en: Call register_netdevice in the proper location 0 0 0 2015-03-24 Or Gerlitz davem Accepted
[v2,net] rocker: handle non-bridge master change 2 0 0 2015-03-24 Simon Horman davem Accepted
[net,v2] tcp: prevent fetching dst twice in early demux code 1 0 0 2015-03-23 Michal Kubeček davem Accepted
[net-next] tun: return proper error code from tun_do_read 0 0 0 2014-12-26 Alex Gartrell davem Accepted