Patchwork bundle: davem / stable

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This bundle contains patches for the netdev project.

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Patch A/R/T Date Submitter Delegate State
[net,V2] net: drop the packet when fails to do software segmentation or header check 0 0 0 2014-12-19 Jason Wang davem Accepted
sparc32: destroy_context() and switch_mm() needs to disable interrupts. 0 0 0 2014-12-18 Andreas Larsson davem Accepted
[PATCHv1,net] xen-netback: support frontends without feature-rx-notify again 0 1 1 2014-12-18 David Vrabel davem Accepted
[net] netlink: Don't reorder loads/stores before marking mmap netlink frame as available 0 0 0 2014-12-18 Thomas Graf davem Accepted
[net,2/2] geneve: Fix races between socket add and release. 1 0 0 2014-12-17 Jesse Gross davem Accepted
[net,1/2] geneve: Remove socket and offload handlers at destruction. 1 0 0 2014-12-17 Jesse Gross davem Accepted
Netlink mmap tx security? 2 0 0 2014-12-16 David Miller davem Accepted
[net] net/mlx4: Cache line CQE/EQE stride fixes 0 0 0 2014-12-16 Amir Vadai davem Accepted
[net,v2] gre: fix the inner mac header in nbma tunnel xmit path 0 0 0 2014-12-15 Timo Teräs davem Accepted